Flemish Student Championship Hockey 2023-2024




Competition information    

Flemish Student Championship Hockey 

In either the women's and men's competition teams of AUHAntwerpen, KU Leuven and AUGent will compete against each other. 

The competition will take place at the flemish finals day in Ghent on the 13th of March 2024 and will be hosted in collaboration with Gantoise Hockey. 

Practical information:

  • Who: Register with the sports responsible of your university/college if you want to participate.
  • Location: Gantoise Hockey
  • Timing: 9.30-15h
  • Registrations: yet to be determined
  • Game scedule: check it out below or on tournify
  • Further course of the competition: the Flemish champions will compete against the Walloon champions at the Belgian finals on april 17 in Leuven.

This championship is part of the Flemish finals, so bring as many support as possible to cheer for your team. Supporters will be able to enjoy DJ's, cheerleaders and lots of other animations.

Don't forget to bring your student card and water bottle