Studentensport Vlaanderen

Studentensport Vlaanderen (SSV) is a federation within the decree regadering the granting of subsidies for the development, coordination and promotion of the sports offer of the student facilities of the Flemish Universities and colleges and the recognition and subsidization of a Flemish student sports association. 

The objectives and action points for Studentensport Vlaanderen are set out in a policy plan every four years. View the current policy plan here.


The Flemish (top sports) student easily finds his way to Flemish, Belgian and international student sports competitions and proudly defends the colors of his institution, association and country respectively.


SSV provides the necessary framework in which (competitive) student sports can flourish in Flanders. SSV initiates, facilitates and organizes the necessary activities that lead to growth in participation in Flemish, Belgian and international student competitions.

SSV will also pay the necessary attention to non-sporting participation. Not only looking at the actual participants in the competitions and activities, but also at students who are involved in these activities. This includes volunteers/job students, students from a film school who film the competitions, marketing students who use social media to promote student sports, but especially the spectators and supporters who come along to lead “their team” to victory. to cheer and thus give extra cachet to the competitions.
SSV also provides the necessary initiatives to involve students from as many different institutions as possible in the cross-association student sports offer.

Sports offer Studentensport Vlaanderen

Studentensport Vlaanderen organizes championships for students in higher education (universities and universities of applied sciences) on different levels.

Flemish competitions

Studentensport Vlaanderen organizes championships for the students of the different Flemish higher education institutions.
These a mainly teamsports and some individuel sports as well. Discover all the sports and competitions here.

The apotheosis of the Flemish sports offer are the ‘Vlaamse Finales’. During these finals, the teams who are selected during the qualifications compete for the title ‘Flemish student champion’.

Belgian competitions

Togheter with  ASEUS, the Waloon student sports federation, we organize Belgian Student Championships in individuals sports. Discover all the BSC.

Our Flemish student champions in team sports, will compete against the Walloon champions on the BUSF finales in April.

International competitions

BUSF (SSV & ASEUS) acts as facilitator for the participation of students who are also elite sportsmen/women in the international competitions of FISU. 
(International University Sports Federation) organizes world championships (World University Championships: WUC’s) and Olympic Games for students (World University Games: WUG).

Our empolyees

Eva Vander Velpen

Nancy Rotiers

Board of directors

Pieter Van Kelst

KU Leuven (Associatie KU Leuven)

Martine Libens Universiteit Hasselt (AUHL) Ondervoorzitter
Dirk Van de Wiele Vrije Universiteit Brussel (UAB) Penningmeester
Nils Van de Velden Universiteit Antwerpen (AUHA) Secretaris
Pieter D'Aubioul Associatie KU Leuven (Associatie KU Leuven) Lid Dagelijks Bestuur
Gert Vande Broek KU Leuven (Associatie KU Leuven) Bestuurslid
Stijn Depuydt Odisee Hogeschool (Associatie KU Leuven) Bestuurslid
Johan Rousseau Thomas More (Associatie KU Leuven) Bestuurslid
Dagmar Schwall Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel (UAB) Bestuurslid
Pieter Callewaert Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen (AUGent) Bestuurslid
Koen Eerdekens Universiteit Gent (AUGent) Bestuurslid
Jeroen Missinne Arteveldehogeschool (AUGent) Bestuurslid
Thomas Wissaert Hogeschool Gent (AUGent) Bestuurslid
Mathijs Houben Karel de Grote Hogeschool (AUHA) Bestuurslid
Joeri Clerckx AP Hogeschool (AUHA) Bestuurslid